Lady Guards


Whenever dealing with women clients any corporate or shopping mall owner will always try to maintain decorum and follow the possible guidelines. Skywaves Security understands this and provides trained women security guards. Safety is a very important concern and dealing during frisking can be troublesome and fruitless when done incorrectly. Nowadays many security agencies depute untrained female security guards and security officers. This is a situation when it can become unsafe for the client and the team of people visiting the place. Duties performed by trained and legal educated female security guards that are also supervised by female security officers create a sense of balance. Many security guard companies do not manage staff and will only hire female security guards as and when a request arises. Skywaves Security makes extra effort in recruiting and the recruiting process is continuous, we shortlist our female security officers and security guards for deployment at various locations and we always keep extra female security officers for rotation and immediate requirement.